Play where you live, and live where you play

decelle course mapThere is a lot of buzz about local runs around Lake Tahoe, especially the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon.  These great events have showcased Tahoe’s beauty while give the South Shore a chance to really put it’s local spin on a big athletic event.  The aid stations are even competing amongst themselves to put on the best show while providing encouragement and sustenance to the runners.  With a cold Sierra Nevada beer and pool party at the finish line these race designers have really encapsulated the local vibe while encouraging all comers.

The Rock Tahoe Half Marathon has played its part in my own goal of patch-working a run around the whole of Lake Tahoe.  Over the last couple years, and several events, including the Lake Tahoe Marathon, and the DeCelle Memorial Relay I have pieced together all the road between Emerald Bay and Spooner Summit.  And I have the lonely stretch from Lake Shore Drive to Cedar Flats that is still waiting to be connected to the rest.

Each corner of Lake Tahoe is so different from all the others and I love experiencing them by participating in great local events.  Of course I am partial to my own little corner of the world, but shouldn’t everyone love where they live?