Countdown to Wildflowers

DSCN0147 The countdown to wildflower season has begun!  On Sunday I did a long point-to-point hike from Echo Summit to Big Meadow right through some of the prettiest high meadows that there are.  A couple stray wildflowers had started to bloom, but the full effect is still a couple weeks away.  So from today, I would guess that in about 10 DAYS the wildflowers near South Lake Tahoe will begin an unseasonably early bloom.  And if this pattern of rain keeps up, then they might last for longer than average too.  So if you are able, try to go hiking in the high country in the next month or so.  Lake Winnemucca is a classic, Echo to Big Meadow is a long haul, Meiss Meadows is slightly shorter, and Schneider Cow Camp is one of the most underappreciated trails near South Lake Tahoe.  Don’t let this wildflower season pass you by!