What’s the first step when you want to buy a house?

thinking of buying a home

If you’re considering making the big step to home ownership the first phase is choosing your loan officer.  Whether you already have someone in mind or if you are starting from scratch you should feel free to interview two or three different people until you find someone that has experience and access to different loan products.  You should choose someone that you feel comfortable with, they don’t have to be your best friend, but you are assembling a team to help you buy a home.  This team should be as strong and competent as possible to make your buying experience as enjoyable as can be.

Your new loan officer will be able to run your credit, look at your finances, and advise you on what kinds of loans will be affordable to you.  They will want to know about your yearly income and expenses so that they can best advise you on what loan products fit your needs.  This is very valuable information.  This person will be able to inform you on your current credit situation, can help with finding a credit repair company if necessary, and let you know what your price point will be when looking for a property.

In conclusion, if you are going to be buying a home then you are the one in charge of your home buying experience.  The people that you choose to be on your team should be representing your best interests.  Between your loan officer, your agent, and yourself, everyone should be working to find a property that suits your needs at a price that suits your lifestyle. As the buyer, you are the team captain and even if you are unfamiliar with the buying process you should feel that you are in charge of all the important decisions being made and that each person on your team is doing their part to explain the buying process to you.