What Happens to Tahoe’s Trash?

Co-mingled-recycling3This is one of hardest things for people from the Bay Area to believe.  Tahoe does not require residents to separate their trash into glass, paper, metal and garbage.  Also you can leave as much on the curb as you would like.  During the fall, when the pine needles fill 30 garbage bags, you just put them on the corner and nobody thinks twice.

The next question people accusingly ask is, “But Tahoe is such a green place, how can you not recycle!?” And the answer is that we all do.  Whether you opt to separate your trash or not, it is sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility and South Lake Tahoe currently recycles 64% of its waste (www.southtahoerefuse.com).

So my dear Bay Area Residents, don’t panic, we are recycling.  And feel free to put as much as necessary on the curb, it’s one of the unsung benefits of living in Tahoe.